Welcome to the website of the 'Kaktus-Klub' journal editorial board. The journal appears quarterly and contains information for those who are keen on cacti and other succulent plants. Here you can subscribe to the journal, read previous volumes, purchase seeds, plants and books on the topic.
About the journal

The first officially registered Russian journal about cacti and other succulent plants has been published since March, 1997. It was registered in the Mass Media Ministry of Russia, ISSN: 0236-4190.

The objectives of the journal are to 1) popularize scientific and general information concerning environment, propagation and cultivation, taxonomy of succulent plants; 2) help collection keepers establish relations with each other; 3) provide subscribers with seeds and other stuff. The journal is for both amateurs and professionals.
It appears quarterly, in A5 format, 52 pages; colour offset print.

Since 2000, we have added the Hobby Sheet' supplement (B/W), where you can find the club information, ads, amateur tips, editors' answers.

Since 2002, we have added the Gymnorus', a colour supplement for Gymnocalycium fans.

We have readers in more than 150 cities and towns of the CIS and in 11 countries outside.

The editorial staff keeps relations with other leading world cacti and succulent plants journals and with many foreign experts and specialists as well.

Natalia Shelkunova, editorial board secretary, will answer any questions concerning subscription as well!

Editorial board:

Victor Gapon Moscow Cactus Society Council Member,
Serguey Batov Moscow; phone number +7 (495) 735-11-21;
Larissa Zaitseva Cheliabinsk; phone number +7 (351) 795-11-98;
Serguey Kolmogorov; Rostov-on-Don; phone number - +7 (86345) 97-808;
Konstantin Korotkov Serghiev Possad, phone number - +7 (09654) 5-02-39;
Anatoly Mikhaltsov City Cactus Society Aztekium' President in Omsk City , phone number +7 (3812) 31-12-33;
Dimitry Rogatskin City Cactus Society Lobivia' Member in Smolensk, phone number +7 (0812) 66-72-34;
Natalia Shelkunova - editorial board secretary , Moscow Cactus Society Council Member, phone number +7 (495) 590-22-48.

Editorial board phone number: +7 (495) 590-22-48

Our address is: P.O. Box 210/D, Krasnoznamensk, Moscow region, Russia 143090

The Kaktus-Klub' is registered in the Russian Mass Media Ministry, registration number 018305.
" - ". Kactus-Klub. Registered trade mark.

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