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Nom. prov.: 11 000 kilometers along the Argentina in search of cacti

By Victor Gapon

The book about first author's trip to Argentina with well-known Austrian specialist Gert Neuhuber. More 500 color photos, some maps . In Russian, but comments to photos - in English too. Quality of printing better than book by Dmitry Rogatskin.

If you send Euro20.- (or more) to Editor-secretary of Kaktus-Klub Mrs. Natalia Shelkunova till 1 st of June 2008 you'll see your name put in the book on the List of Sponsors and receive free copy. This book is planned to release in September-October-2008 . If you pay now you will be posted the book as soon as it will be ready.

Please, indicate what name would you like us to print in the book for you and mail address for dispatch of your copy. Thank you for your help!

Editorial staff of Kaktus-Klub
To: Natalia Shelkunova
Mira 12-3, Krasnoznamensk,
Moscow reg. 143090, Russia


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