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Welcome to the website of the 'Kaktus-Klub' journal editorial board. The journal appears quarterly and contains information for those who are keen on cacti and other succulent plants. Here you can subscribe to the journal, read previous volumes, purchase seeds, plants and books on the topic.
Kaktus-Klub №4-2004
Cacti: flowers of the winter
L. Schelomitckaja My congratulations!
I. Tchernodola My adenium-2
F. Bumazhnov Our heritage
D. Rogatskin Unusual weingartia-2
N. Schelkunova Mammillaria bocasana Poselger
A. Mihaltsov 30-jubilee of Omsk cactus club
N. Schelkunova. Illustrated Mini-Encyclopedia of Cacti & Succulents
I. Levchenko Visit to Alexandr Sorokin
A. Mihaltsov A case of Bryophyllum daigremontianum
B. Protopopov Uncarina peltata
I. Vasilchenko Compact bushes
Round-table discussion on Lophophora williamsii
Z. Meszaros G. Szutorisz Mammillaria vagaspina Craig subsp.immersa, a new subspecies from Veracruz, Mexico
N. Fedukin Opuntia humifusa Raf. as a stock
J. Dubrovsky Short notes from Baja California
I. Drab A "tephrocactus" from Baja California - Opuntia invicta Brandegee

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