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Kaktus-Klub 3-2003
B. Noscov Moscow Cactus Club has 50!
N. Schelkunova Rebutia heliosa Rausch
Definethis plant!
V. Gapon I. Vassilyeva For whom Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus was named?
N. Fedukin New variegated forms of cacti.
E. SkudovaHybrid of mammillaria and rebutia?
I. Drab Corrections to previous materials
G. Neuhuber WR
Snezhana Kornilova (1911-2003)
A. Mikhaltsov Abstract: Haworthia Study- 2001
I. Vasilchenko Two rarities and a little of etymology
V. Gapon Moscow, 25-27.10.2003!
V. Byalt I. Vassilyeva Crassulaceae from antiquity to the present

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