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Best Online Casinos 2019 list which you can see directly above.

With those superb five online casinos featuring in pride of place on our home page throughout the year.

Established in August 2004, Online Casino Reviewer or OCR for short has been online for some fifteen years.

With OCR providing our visitors the need to know information necessary to make an informed choice in choosing an online casino to play at.

We have just released our Top 5 Online Casinos for 2019, which will as per the past two years, shortly be accompanied by a dedicated video.

Whereby OCR webmaster Dave Sawyer will explain as to why the five casinos which make the OCR Top 5 list do so.

Throughout the site, our visitors are able to find all the information necessary to make an informed choice when it comes to choosing an online casino to play at.

At the beginning of 2019, we have reintroduced all our historical i Gaming and Casino News content, whereby all articles can now be found right here on OCR.

Numbering over 10,000 news articles, going back to 2004, this is a great resource in it’s own right.

Having nearly twenty years experience of working in the i Gaming Industry and also being an avid player, OCR prides itself on providing it’s visitors with need to know information.

Whether that be information concerning the Know Your Customer Process, or listing those casinos players need to avoid. Whilst the reviews of the best online casino sites recommended by us makes up a substantial amount of the content on OCR, Online Casino Reviewer is much more than a bog standard online casino reviews site.

OCR features a wealth of content thus enabling players to be armed with the knowledge necessary before registering an account at an online casino.