review 888

I have viewed numerous reviews of 888 poker from 'review' sites and I'm sure they are partnered with the poker rooms therefore giving a biased opinion.

I'd like some thoughts of regs that play on the site as I'm considering moving from Stars to 888 due to the potential weaker players. I see basically 90% as many hands per table per hour as I do on stars which is fine, but it IS capped to 6 maximum which may be a problem for some but I am content 6 tabling anyway.

And tbh they slightly less hands/hr could easily just be because the player pool is softer so u see more flops. ppl who say online poker is dead have not been to 888.

Rewards: meh Trustworthy: they are a big company so i wouldn't expect them to go bust, but I have heard of issues with player accounts being shut down / lack of response.

That being said I've had no issues and nobody I know personally has had any issues.

Edit: I've cashed out about $300 by transferring to a friend in exchange for money which has gone without error, but recently I withdrew $100 and it took around 4 days to complete. ) off and they asked for photo ID and stuff so if you regularly withdraw that is probably worth looking into.

I have two accounts there and they know it (because I just registred and forget that I had an account from 2 years ago, but they told me when I was asking for bonusses and they said multi acc is allowed) . Playing on the same tables/tournaments with a partner (can also be someone with a different ip) is not allowed because of possible collusion.

It's also not allowed to talk about active hands during sit&go games because it would influence the game.

Again the problem wasn't the multi account it was that you played at the same time at the same tournament which can give you an unfair advantage.

Well if it was multi table you might weren't even at the same table so you weren't able to collude.

They might just want a proof of her to see that she is a real person so you didn't use two accounts by yourself for a second chance.

Should go smoothly as soon as she verifies I guess.